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What Is The Importance Of A Humidor?

by Alessandro Sanfratello May 04, 2017

What Is The Importance Of A Humidor?

Humidor is defined as: “A place to store and protect cigars so they are kept at their peak flavor; without using a humidor, cigars will dry out, lose their flavor, and burn too quickly.”
Why would you want to invest your money in premium cigars and let them lose the freshness and value and throw it all to waste? Choosing not to have a humidor to store your premium cigars, you are doing exactly that. Improper cigar storage can lead to uneven burning, and unnecessary added scents and dampness.
Because the tobacco from the cigars is grown in tropical areas, it is important to keep the cigars properly humidified to help finish their aging. The hydrometer in the humidor is what gauges the level of humidity. A properly maintained humidor has 70-72% humidity and sits at a constant 70 degrees.
Aging cigars for a prolonged period is not suggested. While storing your cigars in a humidor you will preserve flavor and quality. Storing a variety of cigars together in the same humidor may lead to a blending of flavors between the cigars. 

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Alessandro Sanfratello
Alessandro Sanfratello

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